Monday, November 19, 2007

Episode 1108

Brad's mother and two brothers, Chad and Wes, arrive in Malibu to meet Jenni and DeAnna. He tells them he admires how strong and independent DeAnna is and how much he loved her family.

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DeAnna Meets Brad's Family
DeAnna arrives first. Brad's mother, who's thrilled to hear DeAnna's from Atlanta, gives her a hug and says she's just going to call her DeeDee. Brad jokes to his brothers that since DeAnna was a bartender for eight years, if he marries her, they'll not only be gaining a sister, they'll be gaining an employee. Brad's mother is pleased to see how into each other they are and notes that Brad can't stop touching DeAnna.

Brad's mother asks DeAnna if she's in love with Brad and she says she is, and that what sealed the deal for her was seeing him with her family. She admits she's hoping for a proposal, but not necessarily expecting one. His mother is pleased to hear that DeAnna wants "at least three," children, since three worked out well for her. Brad's mom reminds DeAnna of her own mother and she says she doesn't want to leave.

Brad tells his brothers that his head is "swimming" over having to decide between Jenni and DeAnna, since he has such strong feelings for both of them.

DeAnna loves it when Brad horses around with his brothers as they throw each other in the pool. Brad kisses DeAnna goodbye, even though he's soaking wet. He tells her he doesn't want to let her go. In voiceover, we hear DeAnna worry that Brad's family still has to meet Jenni, and that he might choose Jenni instead.

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Jenni Meets Brad's Family
The brothers change into dry clothes and prepare to meet Jenni. When she arrives, Brad admits to being "on cloud nine," and wraps her in a long hug before introducing her to his family.

In front of everyone, Brad's mother asks Jenni if she's told Brad she loves him and she laughs nervously and admits she hasn't. She answers that saying it shouldn't be expected, it should just "come out." Brad's mother steals her away for a private chat. She asks if Jenni understands that she'll be marrying Brad's family as well as just him, if it comes to that, and if she has a problem with that. Jenni says she understands and she would love to have a bigger family, including another woman to call "Mom." Brad's mom asks the big question: Is Jenni in love with her son? Jenni says love is a "big thing," but that she is falling in love with Brad. When asked what she'd do if Brad proposes, Jenni enthusiastically answers, "I'd say, 'Yes, I love you, Brad. Please, let's go right now!'"

She plays touch football with Brad and his brothers and when it's time for her to leave, Jenni feels that she's ready to be a part of his family. She tells Brad she hates saying goodbye, so he says they'll call it "see you later" and gives her a farewell kiss.

Now that Brad's mom has met both women, Brad can't wait to get her opinion of them. She asks who he's in love with and he says that when he's with one, he thinks of the other and sending either one home will not only break her heart, but his too. His mother admits he's in a difficult spot. She found it easier to talk to DeAnna, but isn't sure if that's just because she met her first. She says she found both of them to be sweet and wonderful women. After their talk, Brad jokes, "Thanks for nothing," because he's still as unsure as ever.

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Brad and DeAnna's Last Date
Brad and DeAnna have their last date Brad raves about the lasagna she's made for him and DeAnna says his mother asked if she could cook and was relieved when she said yes. Brad professes very strong feelings for her, saying she's everything he's always looked for in a woman and that she'd be an incredible wife and mother. She loves hearing him think of the future and to feel like she's the only woman in his life.

She tells him that she wants to keep being as happy as she is right now, but that she's scared that this all might go away. She says she is falling in love with him and that she wants to be the person who makes him happy, forever. She says she's found the best thing that's ever happened to her and that she's been confident the entire time, until now. They kiss as the camera fades out.

He's torn because he can see spending his life with DeAnna, but he also has very strong feelings for Jenni. He plans to put DeAnna out of his mind and devote the whole night to Jenni the next evening.

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Brad and Jenni's Last Date
Jenni is scared to tell him how she feels but she's also scared of losing him if she doesn't. He admits that he's also scared about what's to come and she assures him that when it comes to her, he doesn't have anything to be scared about. She starts to cry and he pulls her closer. She apologizes for crying and tells him that she knows that if he chooses her, it'll be a lot of work, given the long-distance arrangement, but she feels she's worth it and assures him that she would do whatever it takes to make him happy and he hugs her.

She gives him a present, a journal of her feelings throughout the whole process, saying she hopes he doesn't think it's silly. She reads part of it to him, how she is falling in love and wants to share her life with him and that if he chooses her, she will be "so good" to him. "I love you," she tells him. "I love everything about you." She wanted to tell him last time they were together but was too afraid. He caresses her face and holds her tight.

After his last dates with both women, Brad dreads telling either one goodbye. Brad wakes up the next morning and goes shopping for an engagement ring in Beverly Hills, finally finding the perfect one.

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The Final Rose Ceremony
As the women dress to meet him, Brad says he can see DeAnna being his wife because she's so independent and strong, but that he can say the same about Jenni, because she's so happy and loving. He hates making the decision, but he says he has to follow his heart. He waits in a garden overlooking the ocean, with a single rose on a pedestal beside him.

Jenni -
Jenni arrives first, wearing a short, strapless blue dress. Host Chris leads her to the garden, and she walks toward Brad with a huge smile on her face. He takes her hands in his and tells her she's brought out a side of him that no one else ever has. He hates having to say it, but he wants something more than what he's found with her. He says he never thought he'd tell her goodbye, but he is, and that it breaks his heart. She's looking down and he begs her to look at him. He asks if she has anything to say and she replies there's so many words she wants to say but she can't get them out. She finally says how hard it was to tell him how she felt and that now she feels embarrassed that she did. She tearfully gives him a long, lingering hug goodbye. He takes her by the hand and walks her to the limo. She hugs him one more time and says she hopes he'll be happy. She's still crying as the limo drives off. She says it hurts to be rejected, but that she knows she can make someone happy and believes that there's someone still out there waiting for her.

DeAnna -
Brad is excited as DeAnna arrives, saying that she has all the qualities he's always looked for in a wife. He admits that as hard as it was to say goodbye to Jenni, he's even more scared and nervous about what he's going to say to DeAnna.

She arrives in a short gold gown and Chris leads her to the garden. In voiceover, we hear her say she can't wait to see him again and that it's the happiest she's been in a long time. She's not sure if she's going to end up engaged to "the most perfect man I've ever met" or if she'll end up in a limo going home with a broken heart. If he proposes, she intends to say yes, saying she'll be the happiest person in the world.

She joins Brad and he tells her she looks beautiful. He says he's never met anyone like her in his entire life. He remembers the night he met her and the first time he kissed her. He asks, "Remember when you told me that marriage for you is one time and one time only?" and he says he feels the same way. He tells her he just said goodbye to Jenni and DeAnna smiles, starting to become confident of what's coming next.

Brad seems to get a case of nerves and suddenly walks away, leaving DeAnna to wonder what's coming next. He walks in circles in the garden for a moment to compose himself, then comes back and takes her by the hand and says he's going to be completely honest with her. He has so many feelings for her and just wants to spin her around and give her the diamond ring, but he can't look her in the eye and tell her that he loves her, he says sadly. He refuses to give her any promises that he can't keep. "I have to tell you goodbye," he says.

"I don't understand," she says, starting to cry. She doesn't understand how he can watch her walk away if he really has such strong feelings for her. She believes the difference between them is that she's sure, and he's not. "Do you know how much I care about you?" he asks and she says, "No, I don't."

She says she thought she had everything figured out, until this moment. "This is why I don't wear my heart on my sleeve," she tells him and Brad hugs her.

"What happens when you regret your decision?" she asks him and he admits he doesn't know. He says he's sorry, but he has to walk her out, right now. At the limo, he tells her, "I'm sorry, so sorry," and gives her a long hug.

In the limo, she says it feels worse that he didn't pick either of them and that she doesn't understand. It hurts that he told her he couldn't find what she had in anyone else, but that he still didn't choose her. She says she's sick of being the one who makes the guy perfect for the next woman.

Brad sits alone in the garden with tears in his eyes as he looks at the ring and the rose he didn't give to either woman.

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